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Automated Month End: BlackLine

Automate your financial close, account reconciliation, journal entry, and numerous other accounting and finance processes—in one centralised system.


Business Intelligence: ETL Agile

Touchstone’s ETL Agile offers customers with multiple data sources a cost effective and simple way to
build, maintain and support a Business Intelligence platform themselves.


Business Intelligence: Infor ION Business Intelligence

Infor ION BI suite is a comprehensive Business Intelligence platform


Business Process Management: TouchstoneBPM

TouchstoneBPM enables all types of organisations to develop, deploy, connect and manage key business processes, thereby increasing control, minimising expenditure and maximising ROI on your existing IT applications and assets.


Document Management: EASY Documents

EASY Documents is a comprehensive document management solution that seamlessly integrates with Infor SunSystems.


Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management (d/EPM) Brochure

Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management (d/EPM)  provides integrated suite of financial performance management applications, packaged analytics, and compliance tools that operates across the complex web of your
enterprise systems to deliver a real-time, single version of the truth.


Easy Documents Fact Sheet

EASY is a comprehensive document management solution offering seamless integration with SunSystems.


Expense Management: Systems@work

expense@work is a highly functional and robust Expense Management Solution which is used by organisations throughout the world to automate their entire Expense Management


Market Report: Financial Accounting & Reporting for Capital Asset Management Companies

At TouchstoneFMS we appreciate the challenges facing capital management organisations’ need to
improve management information and efficiencies.


Market Report: IT Initiatives for Aircraft Leasing Companies

At TouchstoneFMS we appreciate the challenges facing aircraft leasing companies with the need to improve
management information and efficiencies such as integrating the Asset Management systems with
back office financial solutions and to report effectively on the financial status of the assets.


PROACTIS Datasheet - Catalogue Management

PROACTIS Datasheet 2011: PROACTIS Catalogue Management allows simplified management and internal access of supplier catalogues


PROACTIS Datasheet - Contract Management

PROACTIS Datasheet 2011: PROACTIS Contract Management provides a central electronic repository that enables organisations to realise full benefits from supplier contracts


PROACTIS Datasheet - Employee Expenses

PROACTIS Datasheet 2011: PROACTIS Employee Expenses enables organisations to gain control of “after-theevent” purchase claims


PROACTIS Datasheet - P2P

PROACTIS Purchase-to-Pay enables organisations to realise the full potential of  a spend control initiative.


PROACTIS Datasheet - Sourcing and Tendering

PROACTIS Datasheet 2011: PROACTIS Sourcing helps procurement departments to improve the effectiveness and transparency of the sourcing process while reducing administration time and effort.


PROACTIS Datasheet - Supplier Management

PROACTIS Datasheet 2011: PROACTIS Supplier Management enables organisations to reduce cost and build relationships for best value procurement.



Product Brochure that covers the family of spend control and eProcurement solutions


PROACTIS: A practical guide to identify savings opportunities

Assess your opportunities for cost savings with PROACTIS.


PROACTIS: Spend Control for Multi Location Businesses

If you are looking for the right way to improve your organisation’s spend control processes across geographically dispersed locations, multiple business units, or operations in multiple countries, you undoubtedly recognise that you have special challenges that go beyond those of an organisation with a simpler environment.


SunSystems Extended Modules: Advanced Inquiry

Advanced Inquiry for SunSystems offers the most powerful ad hoc inquiry functionality for interrogating ledgers and iPOS procurement data.


SunSystems Extended Modules: Bank Reconciliation

Bank Reconcillation  imports and reconciles electronic statements for multiple bank accounts.


SunSystems Extended Modules: Banklinks for Business

Banklinks for Business (B4B) links the Infor FMS SunSystems payables module and your bank for electronic funds transfers (EFT) or internet banking.


SunSystems Extended Modules: Collect

Collect is a unparalleled credit management and debt collection functionality


SunSystems Extended Modules: Consolidations

Consolidations is a ledger data aggregation module that allows the automatic consolidation of journals from multiple Infor FMS SunSystems business units.


SunSystems Extended Modules: Contracts Service and Billing

Contract & Service Billing (CSB), is designed for recurring contract invoicing, recurring services invoices and ad-hoc invoices for SunSystems.


SunSystems Extended Modules: E-Remit

eRemit automatically emails the payment remittances to your suppliers from Infor FMS SunSystems


SunSystems Extended Modules: Infor Query and Analysis

Query & Analysis makes it easy for managers to analyze business data and accurately measure performance


SunSystems Extended Modules: iPos Procurement

eProcurement benefits at a glance


SunSystems Extended Modules: Spindle Professional

Using Spindle Professional can result in significant cost savings – on stationery, postage and staff administration


SunSystems: Infor ION

A powerful, unified combination of contextual business intelligence, common reporting and analysis, streamlined workflow, and business monitoring in a single solution


SunSystems: Infor ION Business Intelligence

ION BI suite is a comprehensive Business Intelligence platform


SunSystems: Infor ION Workspace

Infor Workspace uses business intelligence in the user experience so that you automatically see the relevant information you need


SunSystems: Infor SunSystems

Get immediate access to all finance and accounting information so you can make fast and effective decisions with Infor SunSystems


Technical Services: SunSystems Support Services

TouchstoneFMS has the largest and most experienced Infor SunSystems services team in the UK, providing comprehensive support to over 5000 Infor SunSystems users.


Touchstone BI Brochure

In today’s challenging business environment it is essential to present your data in the right format, to the right people and at the right time.


TouchstoneBI Thought Paper and Blog Post: Business Intelligence

Blog:  “In 25 years, has anything really changed for budgeting & forecasting?” By Andes Loukianos


Thought Paper: Is it time for your business to move beyond spreadsheets?

In this short paper we:
• Explore how this has happened and why it’s a problem.
• Suggest some factors you might consider when deciding whether you
need to change the way you budget, forecast, report and plan.
• Describe the impact a sound Business Intelligence and Corporate
Performance Management solution could have on your business.
• Explain how to achieve that elusive “one version of the truth”.



TouchstoneINSITE offers a compelling, efficient and secure way to ensure that your investment in Infor
SunSystems really does enable your business to perform better, 24x7x365.

TouchstoneINSITE hosts Infor SunSystems in the Private Cloud, providing 24×7 access with no overhead hosting
costs. The service provides the expertise clients need to ensure smooth operation with limited downtime.

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