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TouchstoneEnergy has been a pleasure to deal with and their people are consummate professionals.

Head of IT, Infinis Energy Services Limited


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A growing population and an expanding global economy have led to unprecedented levels of demand for energy. It is expected that by 2030 energy consumption will be two thirds higher than it is today.

Now more than ever a greater emphasis is being placed on finding new supplies of energy, either through the exploration of new fossil fuel sources or the development of renewable energy sources. Whilst oil and gas remain at the forefront of consumer demand, renewable energy has witnessed unparalleled growth – driven by an increased awareness of climate change and the requirement for sustainable energy sources.

The only finance and IT expert dedicated to energy

TouchstoneEnergy is the only European finance software and IT consultancy dedicated exclusively to the oil and gas, renewables, mining and downstream trading industries.

We specialise in the delivery of customised, automated business systems that streamline processes, increase financial control, support change and drive measurable growth.

Our expertise spans accounting, procurement, inventory and contract management, business processes and asset management. Our real-time, multi-currency, multi-lingual solutions are designed specifically for the oil, gas, renewables, mining and trading sectors.

We support more than 2,000 users across five continents managing more than $20 billion annual spend on oil and gas appraisal, exploration and development.

Our key market sectors

  • upstream oil and gas including appraisal, exploration, development and production
  • downstream trading including minerals, metals petroleum and liquids
  • renewable energy including wind farms, landfill, hydro and solar
  • mining, including appraisal, exploration, development and production
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