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Corporate performance management

Gain control of your budgeting, planning, and forecasting. Improve consolidation and make informed decisions. All with corporate performance management.


Improve your corporate performance management with features to empower decision making.

Budgeting and planning

Budget and plan using powerful forecasting and prediction capabilities. Planning, budgeting, and forecasting becomes simpler with predictive modelling, operational planning and development of sub-plans for workforce budgets and sales plans.

Financial consolidations

Consolidate multiple sets of books quickly and accurately. Eliminate spreadsheets and improve compliance. Consolidate from any number of entities and deliver closed accounts faster.

Business analytics

Key components includes sales and operations, production, financial, supply chain, and human capital analysis tools.

Use analytics to understand key metrics such as workforce turnover and supply chain optimisation.

Get a real-time, single version of the truth

Do away with disparate data sources. Instead get a single source of the truth for real-time decision making and forecasting on the fly. It’s all made possible with our data warehouse technology.

Strategy management

Link your strategic goals to operational plans and results. Create tactical and operational plans, execution plans, performance measures and track your results against plan to evaluate performance.


To find out more about corporate performance management – or to receive a demo – contact us.

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