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JET Business Intelligence & Reporting Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics


With so much noise about Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions, how do you discover the real potential for your organisation?

An ever increasing volume of data needs to be stored for record-keeping, analysis, reporting and compliance in your industry year on year. What’s needed is a way of simply extracting this information to produce instant, accurate and relevant reports whilst providing analytics that are fundamental to making informed business decisions.

Touchstone BI is a “Centre of Excellence” for JET Business Intelligence and Reporting Solutions built for Microsoft Dynamics . JET will provide the answers to your mission critical questions inside an application that you already know – Excel. That means that with little or no training you can quickly analyse issues from many different perspectives to discover trends that really matter to your business. And using its powerful yet simple Data Warehouse Automation technology you will get fact-based decision support and knowledge from the wealth of information in all your Microsoft Dynamics modules – not just the General Ledger – and other line of business systems.



JET Reports for Microsoft Dynamics enables:

• Business Intelligence and intuitive reporting that enables analysis and data visualisation across the entire organization, all within Excel.

• You to take advantage of analysis cubes that are pre-designed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics.

• Increased productivity with dashboards for Microsoft Dynamics.

• Creation of world-class reports.

• Simple connection to multiple data sources so that it can be combined with Microsoft Dynamics data to provide a 360% view of your business.


Why you need a third party BI tool with Microsoft Dynamics 

Touchstone are the #1 UK accredited consultants for JET Business Intelligence and Reporting Solutions for the full Microsoft Dynamics Suite.

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