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Business intelligence

Business intelligence is the vital tool for any modern organisation. Gain the visibility you need to aid decision making and improve performance.

Business intelligence

Harness your data and understand your organisation with business intelligence. Easy access to the data you need, when you need it allowing you to make informed decisions.

Corporate performance management

Gain control of your budgeting, planning, and forecasting. Improve consolidation and make informed decisions. All with corporate performance management.

Data warehouse

Developed by TouchstoneFMS, ETL Agile is a cost-effective solution for insightful business intelligence, reducing the time it takes to implement a BI solution by as much as 80%. More about ETL Agile.


Business intelligence dashboards are the front end to your BI – helping you analyse and understand and make decisions bases upon your organisation’s critical information. More about dashboards.

The risk of spreadsheets

72% of business leaders saying spreadsheets are a major risk to their business. Find out how to reduce reliance on spreadsheets with our free guide.


Are you ready to gain the insight you need from business intelligence? To discuss your requirements and find out how we’ve helped organisations like yours with their requirements please contact us now.

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