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Application, Software and Systems Integration

Our team of technical consultants use integration tools based upon industry standards

Systems Integration Industry standards include OAGIS (Open Application Group Integration Specification) and XML messaging – to enable transparent data transfer between multiple systems. Through the use of web services and integration tools such as Infor on (Intelligent Open Network) and XMPro® (intelligent business operations server), our customers now collaborate electronically both with business partners and across multiple solutions. They benefit from an enhanced and seamless user experience, whilst operating with extreme efficiency. Benefits include:

  • multiple systems – whether legacy solutions or software applications – integrated in a cost-effective and manageable way
  • data can be shared with ease across multiple systems – such as financial, procurement and back-office – either on-premise, in the cloud or through a combination of both
  • existing manual processes can be automated to achieve a seamless environment that helps improve data integrity
  • simplified error handling and full data auditability
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