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On your 30th anniversary, we salute your success as a leading business solution provider and your commitment to your customers and our partnership.


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Infor SunSystems

At the heart of the solution is a single, integrated finance ledger that combines the functionality of the nominal ledger, receivables and payables ledgers, project ledger, cashbook, and user-defined ledgers.

Equipping you with a powerful, real-time financial transaction processing engine, Infor SunSystems lets you see the immediate impact of any financial posting.

Unlike other financial management systems, Infor SunSystems has the following unique features:

  • unified ledger that combines the functions of a general ledger, sales and purchase ledger, project ledger, cashbook, and user-defined ledgers-showing the immediate impact of any financial posting
  • smart  transactions that deliver not just information, but detailed user-defined context
  • global functionality that includes multi-language, multi-currency and multi-calendar, giving companies a solid international foundation that supports fast operational efficiency in new markets
  • open architecture that supports integration with other enterprise and financial systems, offering unparalleled interoperability


The experience you can rely on

With over 30 years’ experience in business and nearly 850 man years of dedicated in-house experience, TouchstoneFMS has successfully implemented more than 1,000 projects in over 44 countries.

Having successfully identified and introduced a number of innovative and robust technologies to help compliment core Infor SunSystems functionality, we are one of the world’s most experienced and trusted Infor SunSystems partners.

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